Free table update is complete

Today I finished up my latest furniture update. This week I finished painting it and added a coat of varathane. This afternoon I tweeked the finish and now it is officially done. Now I need more furniture... I really miss finding a diamond in the rough and making it gorgeous again!

The whole update cost under $5 plus my time. The table was free, I used up some of my old paint and then the drawer pulls were $1.50/each. Not bad!



I've decided to give the table away. I like the end result but have no room for another table. I'm going to see if any of my Pay It Forward 2011 victims want it. If not then I'm sure I can find a good home for it.

This weekend I also hope to get a bunch of my repurposed cork boards done. I'm also heading up to the Sunshine Coast tomorrow. I'll be dropping by my old haunt the Gibsons Recycling Depot. Here's hoping I can score some furniture, etc from the Share Shed!


  1. I have been working on 5 pieces of free upcycles this week. It is so much fun to take castoffs and make them beautiful.

  2. Very nice! I love the colour, whoever gets it will be thrilled!

  3. The table update is amazing!!!! Great!

  4. Thanks Big Girl Feet and My Fashion Dolly!! :-)

    The table got scooped up in a jiffy!! I'm glad I found a happy home for it!

    And MMB Creations I am jealous... Very, VERY jealous of your 5 free upcycles!! Keep me posted on the end results. :-)

  5. Love this one! I would kill to find a coffee table like that! Ok, maybe not literally, but you know..

  6. Thanks Lindsey! I'm surprised how well it turned out. I found a new home for it in a jiffy! :-)