A change of plan

I've made a couple of adjustments in my game plan these days. Things are funny that way... You go along trying this, that and the other thing then find yourself back at the beginning so to speak. I'm back to making stuff for friends and working on individual ideas... Going with what inspires me at the time. So much funner that way, isn't it?

So change of plan #1 - make things for friends for no reason other than to share the craft love. I'm gathering supplies for my Pay It Forward 2011 plan... 5 friends, 5 'surprise' projects to be completed and passed on by the end of this year. I'm working on something for Rob. We used to work together. He was one of the 5 people to comment on my Facebook page for a free handmade project. I'm making something for his daughter Taylor who is beyond cute and has so much personality. I'm excited about making her something since it'll be fun, colourful and hopefully something she likes.

My change of course is sort of inspired by a book I bought at a thrift store recently, 29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life. I say sort of since I'm naturally a giver but the book gave me more food for thought. I won't bore you with the details of my 29 days of giving but some of you may experience it whether you like it or not... AKA you will be getting a gift.

Change of plan #2... I'm starting fresh on my stools and using the fabric for these chairs. I have a plan B for the stools and I think the fabric from Dream Designs will work better with these chairs.

The chairs have been refinished so I just need to remove the old fabric and add the new. I'll keep these chairs for my dining room.

Speaking of chairs, I bought 2 chairs today. I paid $15 for this one. I have an idea for it which is a teeny tiny bit crazy so I'm going ot update it then share it. The only thing I'll tell you about the update is that it will involve paint.

This chair was $10. I'm hoping that I can sand it and then just add oil.

Depending on the fabric and how the finish looks, I can hopefully bring out the details in the wood without it looking too dated. The wood is actually really nice.

I was thinking it may look good using this fabric and may make a nice partner for this chair.

Happy crafting everyone... And happy giving! So nice to share the love... :-)


  1. I think the $15 chair was a good price. Just look at those legs!

  2. I have a crazy plan for the $15 chair... I started painting it today. It's going to be FUN! :-)