Yippee - free furniture!

Oh I am so ready to work on furniture... I ♥ my sewing machine and making stuff. Really I do! But I haven't updated a piece of furniture in ages and I'm going through withdrawal!

Here's the free piece of furniture I scored this week when I dropped by Sheila and Nick's to get some cork board cut...

It's not a bad piece... A little boring as is plus it has a big mark on the top. I'm actually thinking I should paint it. I'm even thinking of painting it yellow which is uber crazy since I have nothing yellow. Yellow is that forgotten colour for me.

I'll give some thought to colour this week and even doing something different with the top like a stencil or leaving the wood natural and painting the bottom white. Who knows! Hopefully I can work on the table this weekend!

Project Update

This week I'll stencil my cork boards. I have 4 pieces at 11" x 11" and 2 pieces at 11" x 12". The 4 pieces I have designs for. The final 2 I want to add a faux frame design. Here's the idea I have in mind - it's pretty simple and bit art deco-y...

Here's hoping the cork boards are an easy update! :-)

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