Thrifting adventures

Today was a great day! I hung out with my crafty, thrifty friends Carol and Cynthia. We started out in Mission for lunch then headed to Abbotsford to check out a few MCC Thrift Shops. Both Mission and Abbotsford are about an hour outside of Vancouver.

Our first stop was full of furniture... Chairs, dresses, etc galore! I thought fer sure I would find something but no luck... Plus I'm cheap and the prices were a bit steep for me.

There were a couple of tempting items but I resisted! I even turned down the 3 banana shaped planters...

Next we crossed the street to the MCC Thrift Shop with housewares, clothing, etc.

I made my first purchase. I bought a Pyrex tea cup for $0.25. It's the same design as the 3 I bought awhile ago so I now have a set of 4!

After the MCC Thrift Shops, we made a quick trip to Value Village. I don't tend to go to VV these days since they are so expensive but it was fun. I made my second purchase - a Pyrex coffee cup for $2.99. They had a bunch of funky Pyrex bowls - I was really tempted to get this sunflower one for $14.99. I resisted since it seemed a bit pricey.

Now this Pyrex dish was pricey - it was $29.99. Yikes!

Our last stop was another MCC Thrift Shop. This time I scored a few items!

I actually found a couple of sets of drawer pulls. Each pull was $1.50. I'm going to try the white ones on my current furniture update. Tomorrow I'll be painting and maybe even finishing the update then I can try out the new drawer pulls!

My Pyrex Stash

My favourite things to search out on my thrifting travels these days are teak and Pyrex. My Pyrex stash is growing! Here are my Pyrex cups from today...

Here are my other Pyrex finds...


  1. I had a lovely time at the thrift stores with you. I do find myself thinking about that $30 cuckoo clock. But if I did get another bird clock, I think Mike would not be too happy. Also, I cannot wait to see your updated furniture.

    Should I have picked up that gigantic macramé plant hanger? It was only 10 bucks.

  2. Oh gawd that giant macramé plant hanger was 'interesting'. I'm so glad you pointed out those drawer pulls. Lets go on another thrifting adventure soon!! :-)