Spring has sprung?

It sort of feels like spring these days... Super sunny out with some odd moments of snow or hail. That's Vancouver - you really never know what you're going to get! Today I dragged my free table outside and did a bit of work... Until my hands got super cold and my fingers were a bit numb. Sunny days can be deceiving.

I decided I needed to work on something new so went for the table.

I had second thoughts about painting it so I thought I would start by sanding the drawers and seeing how they looked with oil and no paint. If they looked good with the oil then I'd forgo the painting. Unfortunately the sanding made it clear that I wouldn't be able to get a consistent finish. The table is veneer and the sanding removed the grain in places, etc.

Without losing too much time, I pulled out my primer and got to work!

And I was able to get a coat of paint done today - I'm using up my off-white paint.

Next weekend I'll add another coat of paint then be done. I may update the drawer pulls but we'll see - new drawer pulls may make this piece less dated.

I'm not keeping this one so a quick and dirty update is the plan... Anyone need a coffee table? :-)

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