Lost my sewing mojo

Hello everyone! Sorry I've been remiss in updating my blog and making stuff. I have too many interests these days now that I've committed to yoga 5-6 times/week. Love it but the crafts are suffering... And today just about did me in!

Have you ever made something then decided to rework it... And then rework the reworked version? Well that was my afternoon - it's been pretty frustrating and not very fulfilling. My big conclusion today is that I do not like round pillow forms. Seriously that's a silly epiphany but it's true! :-)

I wanted to create a couple of pillows for Valentine's Day and figured I'd try making pillow covers for some round pillow forms I had. Sounds straight-forward but my first attempt didn't turn out so well.

All you need is LOVE is all you need...

LOVE is all you need...

I left the pillow covers for a few days but today decided to re-jig them since the cover was too tight on the form. I actually tried making my own forms (which weren't that great) then I used a darker grey to extend the size of the cover...

Definitely not happy with these so they may end up in the Salvation Army along with the round forms. Lesson learned!

Tomorrow will be better! I'm heading to a friends' house - her husband has a table saw I can use. I want to cut up my cork boards so I can then stencil them, frame them, etc. The cork is super think so best to use a table saw for a clean cut... So nice to have friends with hardcore tools!!

Anyways my half finished projects are getting out of hand... I want to use this fabric for my chairs and not the collapsible stools.

Then stencil my cork boards and use some for my shabby chic-ed frames...

Finally I've been gathering donations - I got these from someone at work. I want to paint them and maybe even stencil something along the top, etc. I also got some more vinyl so can go nuts with stenciling!

Next I hope to have time to work on furniture updating... And I hope to find some kewl furniture to update. Onwards & upwards!

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