Fun with repurposed cork

I'm still working on my repurposed cork boards. I stencilled one of them this week. It's my 'dream' board. I'll work on the other 3 in the series soon then add the screw eyes and wire to the back.

I've started to collect items for my framed cork boards. I bought these cute mini cards from a home decor store in Yaletown called The Cross Decor & Design. I also picked up some funky thumb tacs from Walmart.

Next I'm collecting photos to add to my frames. I got some photo corners from The Cross Decor & Design as well. I thought they would add a nice touch instead of using thumb tacs for all of the pieces I'm attaching to the cork.

Tomorrow is my furniture update then maybe I'll have time to get to the cork boards. I have quite the pile of cork to stencil these days! :-)

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