Friends with benefits

I have friends who have been beyond supportive in my crafty adventures... My friends with 'benefits' so to speak. I am one lucky crafty girl. Last year when I was living in Gibsons, I had the bestest friend ever, Karen. She introduced me to the Share Shack at the Sechelt dump. She also drove me there in her big old SUV and let me grab whatever I wanted - chairs, tables, etc. Man I miss her! Then Thelma whose been my sewing/thrifting buddy... And the list goes on.

Now I can add Sheila and Nick who luckily live 3 blocks away from me. They have a table saw! What girl gets excited about friends with a table saw?! Anyone whose into DIY-ing, upcycling, etc.

Remember my 2 cork boards? This is what they looked like this morning...

Here are the cut up cork boards - they're ready to go! Nick measured and cut them for me while Sheila and I cheered him on. Easy breasy! My 2 cork boards from the Salvation Army were cut into 10 pieces - 6 boards that I'll stencil and prep for hanging.

And then I have 4 pieces installed in my shabby chic frames...

All I needed to do tonight was use some packing tape on the back of my shabby chic frames to ensure the cork stayed in the frames... Easy!

Here's the back of the cork after I taped the pieces to the frames... Now I can hang them and pin photos, etc to the cork.

Next I'll stencil the 6 pieces below and prep them for hanging!

Project Update

Despite this weekend's pillow disaster, I've put together more love-related ideas for future pillow covers. These will be square pillow covers... I'll be avoiding the round pillow form from now on. FYI I know I'm a teeny bit dramatic but good to know what doesn't work for you. :-)

L is for love... Maybe I can do a series of alphabet pillow covers!

OWL always love you... The owl will be simplified with bright colours but here's my draft idea.

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