Fun with repurposed cork

I'm still working on my repurposed cork boards. I stencilled one of them this week. It's my 'dream' board. I'll work on the other 3 in the series soon then add the screw eyes and wire to the back.

I've started to collect items for my framed cork boards. I bought these cute mini cards from a home decor store in Yaletown called The Cross Decor & Design. I also picked up some funky thumb tacs from Walmart.

Next I'm collecting photos to add to my frames. I got some photo corners from The Cross Decor & Design as well. I thought they would add a nice touch instead of using thumb tacs for all of the pieces I'm attaching to the cork.

Tomorrow is my furniture update then maybe I'll have time to get to the cork boards. I have quite the pile of cork to stencil these days! :-)

Thrifting adventures

Today was a great day! I hung out with my crafty, thrifty friends Carol and Cynthia. We started out in Mission for lunch then headed to Abbotsford to check out a few MCC Thrift Shops. Both Mission and Abbotsford are about an hour outside of Vancouver.

Our first stop was full of furniture... Chairs, dresses, etc galore! I thought fer sure I would find something but no luck... Plus I'm cheap and the prices were a bit steep for me.

There were a couple of tempting items but I resisted! I even turned down the 3 banana shaped planters...

Next we crossed the street to the MCC Thrift Shop with housewares, clothing, etc.

I made my first purchase. I bought a Pyrex tea cup for $0.25. It's the same design as the 3 I bought awhile ago so I now have a set of 4!

After the MCC Thrift Shops, we made a quick trip to Value Village. I don't tend to go to VV these days since they are so expensive but it was fun. I made my second purchase - a Pyrex coffee cup for $2.99. They had a bunch of funky Pyrex bowls - I was really tempted to get this sunflower one for $14.99. I resisted since it seemed a bit pricey.

Now this Pyrex dish was pricey - it was $29.99. Yikes!

Our last stop was another MCC Thrift Shop. This time I scored a few items!

I actually found a couple of sets of drawer pulls. Each pull was $1.50. I'm going to try the white ones on my current furniture update. Tomorrow I'll be painting and maybe even finishing the update then I can try out the new drawer pulls!

My Pyrex Stash

My favourite things to search out on my thrifting travels these days are teak and Pyrex. My Pyrex stash is growing! Here are my Pyrex cups from today...

Here are my other Pyrex finds...


Spring has sprung?

It sort of feels like spring these days... Super sunny out with some odd moments of snow or hail. That's Vancouver - you really never know what you're going to get! Today I dragged my free table outside and did a bit of work... Until my hands got super cold and my fingers were a bit numb. Sunny days can be deceiving.

I decided I needed to work on something new so went for the table.

I had second thoughts about painting it so I thought I would start by sanding the drawers and seeing how they looked with oil and no paint. If they looked good with the oil then I'd forgo the painting. Unfortunately the sanding made it clear that I wouldn't be able to get a consistent finish. The table is veneer and the sanding removed the grain in places, etc.

Without losing too much time, I pulled out my primer and got to work!

And I was able to get a coat of paint done today - I'm using up my off-white paint.

Next weekend I'll add another coat of paint then be done. I may update the drawer pulls but we'll see - new drawer pulls may make this piece less dated.

I'm not keeping this one so a quick and dirty update is the plan... Anyone need a coffee table? :-)


Yippee - free furniture!

Oh I am so ready to work on furniture... I ♥ my sewing machine and making stuff. Really I do! But I haven't updated a piece of furniture in ages and I'm going through withdrawal!

Here's the free piece of furniture I scored this week when I dropped by Sheila and Nick's to get some cork board cut...

It's not a bad piece... A little boring as is plus it has a big mark on the top. I'm actually thinking I should paint it. I'm even thinking of painting it yellow which is uber crazy since I have nothing yellow. Yellow is that forgotten colour for me.

I'll give some thought to colour this week and even doing something different with the top like a stencil or leaving the wood natural and painting the bottom white. Who knows! Hopefully I can work on the table this weekend!

Project Update

This week I'll stencil my cork boards. I have 4 pieces at 11" x 11" and 2 pieces at 11" x 12". The 4 pieces I have designs for. The final 2 I want to add a faux frame design. Here's the idea I have in mind - it's pretty simple and bit art deco-y...

Here's hoping the cork boards are an easy update! :-)


Friends with benefits

I have friends who have been beyond supportive in my crafty adventures... My friends with 'benefits' so to speak. I am one lucky crafty girl. Last year when I was living in Gibsons, I had the bestest friend ever, Karen. She introduced me to the Share Shack at the Sechelt dump. She also drove me there in her big old SUV and let me grab whatever I wanted - chairs, tables, etc. Man I miss her! Then Thelma whose been my sewing/thrifting buddy... And the list goes on.

Now I can add Sheila and Nick who luckily live 3 blocks away from me. They have a table saw! What girl gets excited about friends with a table saw?! Anyone whose into DIY-ing, upcycling, etc.

Remember my 2 cork boards? This is what they looked like this morning...

Here are the cut up cork boards - they're ready to go! Nick measured and cut them for me while Sheila and I cheered him on. Easy breasy! My 2 cork boards from the Salvation Army were cut into 10 pieces - 6 boards that I'll stencil and prep for hanging.

And then I have 4 pieces installed in my shabby chic frames...

All I needed to do tonight was use some packing tape on the back of my shabby chic frames to ensure the cork stayed in the frames... Easy!

Here's the back of the cork after I taped the pieces to the frames... Now I can hang them and pin photos, etc to the cork.

Next I'll stencil the 6 pieces below and prep them for hanging!

Project Update

Despite this weekend's pillow disaster, I've put together more love-related ideas for future pillow covers. These will be square pillow covers... I'll be avoiding the round pillow form from now on. FYI I know I'm a teeny bit dramatic but good to know what doesn't work for you. :-)

L is for love... Maybe I can do a series of alphabet pillow covers!

OWL always love you... The owl will be simplified with bright colours but here's my draft idea.


Lost my sewing mojo

Hello everyone! Sorry I've been remiss in updating my blog and making stuff. I have too many interests these days now that I've committed to yoga 5-6 times/week. Love it but the crafts are suffering... And today just about did me in!

Have you ever made something then decided to rework it... And then rework the reworked version? Well that was my afternoon - it's been pretty frustrating and not very fulfilling. My big conclusion today is that I do not like round pillow forms. Seriously that's a silly epiphany but it's true! :-)

I wanted to create a couple of pillows for Valentine's Day and figured I'd try making pillow covers for some round pillow forms I had. Sounds straight-forward but my first attempt didn't turn out so well.

All you need is LOVE is all you need...

LOVE is all you need...

I left the pillow covers for a few days but today decided to re-jig them since the cover was too tight on the form. I actually tried making my own forms (which weren't that great) then I used a darker grey to extend the size of the cover...

Definitely not happy with these so they may end up in the Salvation Army along with the round forms. Lesson learned!

Tomorrow will be better! I'm heading to a friends' house - her husband has a table saw I can use. I want to cut up my cork boards so I can then stencil them, frame them, etc. The cork is super think so best to use a table saw for a clean cut... So nice to have friends with hardcore tools!!

Anyways my half finished projects are getting out of hand... I want to use this fabric for my chairs and not the collapsible stools.

Then stencil my cork boards and use some for my shabby chic-ed frames...

Finally I've been gathering donations - I got these from someone at work. I want to paint them and maybe even stencil something along the top, etc. I also got some more vinyl so can go nuts with stenciling!

Next I hope to have time to work on furniture updating... And I hope to find some kewl furniture to update. Onwards & upwards!