A very successful Craft Extravaganza!

I feel like a Martha Stewart success story... Well not really but I think I have potential on this whole hostess thang. So what am I saying? I'm having more people over to make more crafts. It was uber FAB to have my work friends meet my craft friends, etc. I think this is going to be a regular event. How much fun is that! Coffee, goodies, crafty friends and making stuff - it's the perfect combination!

Sunday's Craft Extravaganza went well. I picked up 'supplies' on Saturday then prepped everything first thing on Sunday. I had a panic since a few people couldn't make it. But really my place is somewhat small so 10+ people crafting might have been a little too cozy! Instead I had 6 friends over and we had a hoot! We ended up making various felt pieces - a gift card holder, a coffee sleeve, an iPhone sleeve and some felt butterflies.

Here's my place pre-Extravaganza...

Here's the big pile of felt and floss along with the chocolate and cookies - sugar and caffeine really help with the crafting! ;-)

My friend Carol made a very bright coffee sleeve - green on the outside with a light pink heart then a bright pink for the inside. I want to make some more coffee sleeves with her project in mind - bright colour combinations are super fun!

And then my friend Stacy, whose not crafty, made this gift card holder - she did a great job! Her buttonhole stitch is perfect!

Visit Carol's blog for more photos - she's an avid photographer/blogger/crafter.

Project Update

I'm working my way through the big pile of sewing I mentioned in my last update. I whipped up these pillow covers last week.

I've also finished up 6 coffee sleeves but now I want to make more after seeing Carol's bright and happy one.

Next are the iPhone sleeves and a few more pillow covers...


  1. What ever do you mean by "...my friend Stacy, whose not crafty..." Did you have a close look at that gift card holder? The heart! The stitching! The fantastic colour combo! Could it possibly be any better?

  2. It could not be any better! The buttonhole stitch was darn good... You are a natural! :-)

  3. Stacy sewed her little heart out at this party. It was excellent. Thank you so much for the good times, Denise. I've been flashing my coffee sleeve out every chance I get. It's a big hit! And best of all, it reminds me of my new pals whenever I use it.

  4. I'm really happy the event went well. I'll plan another one soon - maybe February sometime? And I love my additional Pyrex coffee cups that I found today... I'm getting a kewl stash of Pyrex!! :-)

  5. I'm already looking forward to the next one! That is, if Denise will help me make pillow covers. Way out of my league, but I'm up for it. We might need wine next time. I'll supply. :)

  6. I'll help with the pillow covers... I think we'll need to plan the next soon! And definitely wine is in order! :-)

  7. "I'm having more people over to make more crafts." Okay, time for another!!!!!!
    Also, those pillows are mine and I still adore them!
    -Kiersten xo

  8. LOL... OK another craft extravaganza. Maybe in October. Glad you liked the pillow covers!! xo