A very merry Craft Extravaganza... I hope!

I took the plunge and am hosting a Craft Extravaganza at my place this month. This is a BIG step considering there are a bunch of friends coming over to make 'stuff' in 2 weeks and I have no idea as to what we'll be making. It can't be anything too messy or too complicated... And has to be fun!

The best part will be getting all of my uber crafty friends together with my semi crafty friends along with the crafty wannabe friends. They'll be tea, coffee, goodies and some hardcore crafting... Should be great!

Project Update

I sold a few items at Favourite Unique Gifts and Accessories. It's super surprising to see what sells first... It was my skull iPhone sleeve. Go figure! And the rest of the turquoise sleeves sold in a jiffy! I'll be sewing more in the next while but am hoping to find some furniture to update as well!

And here's my one and only grown up Xmas stocking. I made this for my friend Deb. Now that I have a pattern, I'll plan to make a bunch of these for next Xmas. Just imagine - I'll be sewing stockings in October/November... Or earlier! I think I'll stick to doggie stockings and grown up stockings.

Recent Finds

Lately I've found some kewl items at the thrift stores. I found this gorgeous wool pillow today for $4... Love the colourful flowers!

It looks FAB with my other pillows!

I also picked up this fabric at the Salvation Army for $5. Love the colours and the design!

Finally I got these 2 wall ornaments for $1.50/each. I'm trying to figure out what to do with them. I might paint them then hang them above a painting or picture. I'll find something to do with them or something to use them with.

Feel free to send me any craft ideas for my Craft Extravaganza... I already have a couple of ideas that were sent via Twitter! :-)

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