I've got wall inspiration

Ever since my cork board project, I've been looking for other ideas for wall art/storage, etc. So many nifty ideas out there! I do want to work more with cork. Lucky me - I found 2 cork boards this week at the Salvation Army!

One is 19 inches by 25 inches. It was $3.99 and still in the packaging - it's an Ikea cork board. Then the other is 23 inches by 35 inches and cost $5.99. I'm going to cut one up for my shabby chic frames then will leave one as is and just stencil it... Maybe even jazz up the frame.

Here are the cork boards...

Here are my updated frames...

The cork board plus frames will soon look like this...

Other ideas I'm keeping in mind include 10 Upcycled Art Projects: If You Love It, Hang It! on re-nest. Such a great idea to re-love items like plates, cake tins, etc.

I loved this blog post, styling: favorite graphic art, on good bones, good pieces - I could use my free vinyl and stencil something insightful onto paper.

For a real eclectic look, I could add some funky letters to the wall. That could be a nice mix - cork boards, some graphic pieces and then a letter or two! I found this on a time for everything.

Since I'm big on stenciling lately, I could also stencil glass or a mirror. This post, Vintage and Retro Inspired Decor, on Apartment Therapy had a great example of funky stenciling on glass as well as adding different types of frames to your wall.

And then if you're stuck, you can always just add some boxes! This photo is from the December 2010 issue of Elle Decor.

But first I'll be finishing off some sewing and then I can cut up cork, stencil it, etc.

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