The best way to start the new year

2011 is starting up in the best way possible - I'm finishing up my January project today. Yesterday I started working on my free cabinet. I dragged it outside and sanded and stained. Holy smokes by 4pm my hands were numb! It's a bit chilly these days - maybe too early to refinish furniture outside but I'm super keen to get it updated.

Today I'll be adding the new super swanky drawer pulls then I can tweek the stain and be done! I'll post photos tonight. It's truly amazing what a difference a new stain and drawer pulls can make.

Once the cabinet is done, I have ideas for other projects. I saw this tutorial on Readymade and thought it was perfect for some frames I refinished back in May. Now I have an idea for what to put in them! Phew!

The tutorial on Readymade uses cork board then you tack on old stationary. I can easily track down re-usable cork at a thrift store. I see old cork boards all the time. Maybe I can even do some more stenciling then add fun, vintage cards or whatever I can track down in my travels.

Here are the frames I picked up at the Salvation Army - two for $1.50 and one for $3. I painted the frames an off-white then gave them a shabby chic finish.



Oh 2011 I'm lovin' you already! I'm off to work on my cabinet. Happy crafting!


  1. Happy New Year to you! You've inspired me to refinish a chest we have in our bedroom now! The top was all scratched up in 1992 when someone broke into my little place and I never fixed it. Weird I've never thought to fix it until now.

  2. Definitely fix it! I finished my cabinet update this aft - man it looks stunning! I'll be bringing it home tomorrow and using it for organizing fabric... Yippee!! Happy New Year to you! :-)