All about the 'functional' art

I'm ready to repurpose my cork boards from the Salvation Army. One will be cut up and used in my frames. The other will be cut into 4 pieces since I want to make a set similar to my initial cork boards. Each will be 10" x 10". I'll be mounting the pieces onto board and stenciling them. I ♥ creating functional pieces like the stenciled cork boards!

Since I may keep working with cork and stenciling, this set will have text plus a small embellishment then I may try stenciling designs onto cork for my next round. This time I'm using Gill Sans Ultra Bold instead of Helvetica Neue.

Here's the draft of my next round of cork boards...





Project Update

I got some good news this weekend - a bunch of my pieces at Favourite Unique Gifts and Accessories sold. Super kewl! A few of my pillows found happy homes plus a bunch of the iPhone sleeves. Feels great to know my kookie projects are appreciated!

Now that I've dropped off my coffee sleeves and latest iPhone sleeves, I need to make tea sleeves since some people apparently don't drink coffee. Hard to believe - I can't get through the day without coffee! I'll add tea sleeves to my project list - as always it is LONG!

This week I'm making the love-themed pillow covers so I can drop them off in time for Valentine's Day... And then get the cork boards done. These will hopefully make there way into Favourite as well.

Here are a few of the iPhone sleeves I dropped off this weekend...


I've got wall inspiration

Ever since my cork board project, I've been looking for other ideas for wall art/storage, etc. So many nifty ideas out there! I do want to work more with cork. Lucky me - I found 2 cork boards this week at the Salvation Army!

One is 19 inches by 25 inches. It was $3.99 and still in the packaging - it's an Ikea cork board. Then the other is 23 inches by 35 inches and cost $5.99. I'm going to cut one up for my shabby chic frames then will leave one as is and just stencil it... Maybe even jazz up the frame.

Here are the cork boards...

Here are my updated frames...

The cork board plus frames will soon look like this...

Other ideas I'm keeping in mind include 10 Upcycled Art Projects: If You Love It, Hang It! on re-nest. Such a great idea to re-love items like plates, cake tins, etc.

I loved this blog post, styling: favorite graphic art, on good bones, good pieces - I could use my free vinyl and stencil something insightful onto paper.

For a real eclectic look, I could add some funky letters to the wall. That could be a nice mix - cork boards, some graphic pieces and then a letter or two! I found this on a time for everything.

Since I'm big on stenciling lately, I could also stencil glass or a mirror. This post, Vintage and Retro Inspired Decor, on Apartment Therapy had a great example of funky stenciling on glass as well as adding different types of frames to your wall.

And then if you're stuck, you can always just add some boxes! This photo is from the December 2010 issue of Elle Decor.

But first I'll be finishing off some sewing and then I can cut up cork, stencil it, etc.

A very successful Craft Extravaganza!

I feel like a Martha Stewart success story... Well not really but I think I have potential on this whole hostess thang. So what am I saying? I'm having more people over to make more crafts. It was uber FAB to have my work friends meet my craft friends, etc. I think this is going to be a regular event. How much fun is that! Coffee, goodies, crafty friends and making stuff - it's the perfect combination!

Sunday's Craft Extravaganza went well. I picked up 'supplies' on Saturday then prepped everything first thing on Sunday. I had a panic since a few people couldn't make it. But really my place is somewhat small so 10+ people crafting might have been a little too cozy! Instead I had 6 friends over and we had a hoot! We ended up making various felt pieces - a gift card holder, a coffee sleeve, an iPhone sleeve and some felt butterflies.

Here's my place pre-Extravaganza...

Here's the big pile of felt and floss along with the chocolate and cookies - sugar and caffeine really help with the crafting! ;-)

My friend Carol made a very bright coffee sleeve - green on the outside with a light pink heart then a bright pink for the inside. I want to make some more coffee sleeves with her project in mind - bright colour combinations are super fun!

And then my friend Stacy, whose not crafty, made this gift card holder - she did a great job! Her buttonhole stitch is perfect!

Visit Carol's blog for more photos - she's an avid photographer/blogger/crafter.

Project Update

I'm working my way through the big pile of sewing I mentioned in my last update. I whipped up these pillow covers last week.

I've also finished up 6 coffee sleeves but now I want to make more after seeing Carol's bright and happy one.

Next are the iPhone sleeves and a few more pillow covers...


A big pile-o-sewing to do

Well I've been a lazy social media gal the past week or so - no blog, Twitter or Facebook updates... I am feeling the craft love these days just a little quiet for once! I have been working on crafts but everything is in process and not complete. I have 4 pillow covers, 6 iPhone sleeves and 6 coffee sleeves in the works.

My iPhone and coffee sleeves are nearly done. I'm going to stitch the inside to the outside then seal them up this week. All of these pieces are for Favourite Unique Gifts and Accessories. I've also decided to make some pillow covers for my 2 round 12" x 12" pillow forms. Each will have a love theme - just in time for Valentine's Day. Hopefully Carol at Favourite will take these as well!

Lately I've seen projects using this line by the Beatles so here's my variation...

It's hard to get a break from sewing these days. Other sewing projects include these 2 pillow covers for a friend. She has my gorgeous office chair update update. I found both pieces of fabric at the Salvation Army on different trips - lucky I was able to grab each!

Here's the office chair update...

The Craft Extravanga

Soon I'll need to prep for my Craft Extravanga this Sunday. I'm still unsure as to what project we should do or maybe have people work on their own projects. Who knows! I thought making potato stamps could be fun or painting dishes... Or making something small with felt and a touch of applique.

Pay It Forward 2011

Anyone else sharing the handmade love this year? A friend posted this on Facebook - she makes kewl stuff so I signed up. She makes me something then I make 5 other people a handmade item. The easy thing (hopefully) is that I have all year to create and deliver whatever I decide to make for my 5 lucky recipients.

Pay It Forward 2011: I promise to send something handmade to the first 5 people who leave a comment here. They must in turn post this and send something handmade to the first 5 people who comment on their status.* The rules are that it must be handmade by you and it must be sent out to your 5 people sometime in 2011.

A very merry Craft Extravaganza... I hope!

I took the plunge and am hosting a Craft Extravaganza at my place this month. This is a BIG step considering there are a bunch of friends coming over to make 'stuff' in 2 weeks and I have no idea as to what we'll be making. It can't be anything too messy or too complicated... And has to be fun!

The best part will be getting all of my uber crafty friends together with my semi crafty friends along with the crafty wannabe friends. They'll be tea, coffee, goodies and some hardcore crafting... Should be great!

Project Update

I sold a few items at Favourite Unique Gifts and Accessories. It's super surprising to see what sells first... It was my skull iPhone sleeve. Go figure! And the rest of the turquoise sleeves sold in a jiffy! I'll be sewing more in the next while but am hoping to find some furniture to update as well!

And here's my one and only grown up Xmas stocking. I made this for my friend Deb. Now that I have a pattern, I'll plan to make a bunch of these for next Xmas. Just imagine - I'll be sewing stockings in October/November... Or earlier! I think I'll stick to doggie stockings and grown up stockings.

Recent Finds

Lately I've found some kewl items at the thrift stores. I found this gorgeous wool pillow today for $4... Love the colourful flowers!

It looks FAB with my other pillows!

I also picked up this fabric at the Salvation Army for $5. Love the colours and the design!

Finally I got these 2 wall ornaments for $1.50/each. I'm trying to figure out what to do with them. I might paint them then hang them above a painting or picture. I'll find something to do with them or something to use them with.

Feel free to send me any craft ideas for my Craft Extravaganza... I already have a couple of ideas that were sent via Twitter! :-)


Gosh darn it I ♥ updating furniture!

I'm lovin' 2011 so far... The past week has been full of web stuff (designing, building & tweeking the TBD website plus reworking my blog design) and now finishing up my first furniture update. How I've missed working on furniture!

I took more photos of the finished cabinet today - I'm still super happy with the new look!





After setting up my cabinet, I took to organizing fabric. Oh gesh - I have a TON of fabric. Some of which I've decided to drop off at the Salvation Army. On a side note, I've acquired 4 more pillow forms. I see sewing in my furniture so I can reduce my pillow form surplus!

Maybe next I'll finally update my metal cabinet! :-)


My January project is done & it's gorgeous!

My cabinet update is complete! The update was done in a jiffy. Yesterday I sanded and stained then today I added the swanky drawer pulls and tweeked the finish... My $7 drawer pulls look ultra FAB on the cabinet. Tomorrow I'll get it set up in my place and use it to store my fabric. I'll take a couple of pics tomorrow since the photos I took today aren't the best.




Today my uber wonderful Dad helped me drill new holes into the drawers. The old drawer pulls had a dimension of 2 inches between the screws whereas my new drawer pulls had a dimension of 3 inches.

So we drilled new holes and the new drawer pulls covered the old holes. Easy breasy!

My free cabinet cost me approximately $60 to update. The only thing I paid for were the drawer pulls since I used supplies I already had - stain, sandpaper, etc. And really the new drawer pulls made all the difference! Anything would be better than the original ones. :-)

The best way to start the new year

2011 is starting up in the best way possible - I'm finishing up my January project today. Yesterday I started working on my free cabinet. I dragged it outside and sanded and stained. Holy smokes by 4pm my hands were numb! It's a bit chilly these days - maybe too early to refinish furniture outside but I'm super keen to get it updated.

Today I'll be adding the new super swanky drawer pulls then I can tweek the stain and be done! I'll post photos tonight. It's truly amazing what a difference a new stain and drawer pulls can make.

Once the cabinet is done, I have ideas for other projects. I saw this tutorial on Readymade and thought it was perfect for some frames I refinished back in May. Now I have an idea for what to put in them! Phew!

The tutorial on Readymade uses cork board then you tack on old stationary. I can easily track down re-usable cork at a thrift store. I see old cork boards all the time. Maybe I can even do some more stenciling then add fun, vintage cards or whatever I can track down in my travels.

Here are the frames I picked up at the Salvation Army - two for $1.50 and one for $3. I painted the frames an off-white then gave them a shabby chic finish.



Oh 2011 I'm lovin' you already! I'm off to work on my cabinet. Happy crafting!