There's tons to be excited about

What a week it's been! I'm off work this week so have been playing catch up... Working on freelance gigs, finishing up some sewing projects, etc. I designed my Thrifty By Design site this week too! Phew! It's a phase 1 launch for now. I'll be adding a few more pages in the next week or so. I thought I would create a page called 'Local Haunts' featuring my regular stops - thrift stores, craft stores, hardware stores... Always handy to share inside info!

Visit my new site at http://www.thriftybydesign.ca - send feedback if you feel inspired... Suggestions, improvements and/or accolades are always welcome!

Other things to be excited about are... Drawer pulls! Yup I am darn excited about drawer pulls. I couldn't believe my luck today - drawer pulls are 50% off at Windsor Plywood. That's a big deal considering the ones I wanted for my cabinet update are regularly $14/each! Eh gad crazy, isn't it?

Today was a gorgeous sunny winter day so I took off on some errands. First stop Windsor Plywood so I could get my drawer pulls then be able to update my cabinet this weekend. I was pretty giddy once I found out about the sale. I budgeted $100 for 8 drawer pulls but left with 12 drawer pulls and only spent $85 including tax. I'm sure the guys at Windsor Plywood probably thought I was a bit wacky but I got some FAB drawer pulls and I was super happy about it!

These are the drawer pulls I'll be using on my cabinet...

I also picked up these drawer pulls - I might use them for my magazine rack and my night table since they match the drawer pulls I used for my dresser update...

If you live in North Vancouver, you should drop by Windsor Plywood - they have lots of drawer pulls to choose from...

My other fun purchase today was some more Pyrex bowls from the Salvation Army. I picked up 3 mini bowls - one of which came with a lid. The white bowls were $4/each and the green bowl with the lid was $5.

Tonight I'll do some work but tomorrow I am sanding and staining my cabinet! Then adding the new drawer pulls... I can't wait to refinish some furniture!