Rainy Sunday projects

It's a typical December day in Vancouver... Lots of grey, lots of rain! So it's the perfect day for sewing and catching up. I already made some tweaks to the lay out of my blog. Notice the new domain name? I managed to get my TBD domain set up. I created a subdomain for my blog - http://blog.thriftybydesign.ca. Next I'll design and build a site for http://www.thriftybydesign.ca. That's my Xmas break project!

But today I am sewing! I made a set of pillow covers this morning. I wanted to put a design together that would work with the charcoal grey wool I picked up last month and the turquoise felt. I did my usual trolling of Dafont for ideas. I grabbed this font, Damask Dings, then modified one of the designs to work with my 12" x 12" pillow form.

Here's the draft pillow design...

Here are the finished pillow covers...

Instead of hand-stitching the design, I used my machine then sewed the front and back together using a orange-pink thread. I like having the seam show when using wool.

Now onto more pillow covers! :-)


  1. Very pretty! I haven't tried making wool pillows yet. I love the turquoise and your elegant design.

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! Grey & turquoise look great together... I think I'll try a few more designs - maybe geometric patterns. I also made a big Xmas stocking with the grey wool then turquoise & off-white accents. Love it!

  3. These are VERY pretty. Love gray & turquoise together! Thank you so much for sharing with air your laundry friday, sweetie!


  4. Thanks Jami! I hope to make some more pillow covers with the grey & turquoise... I have a TON of sewing I want/need to do. I'll keep sharing if you keep airing! ;-P