Form over function

Hope everyone had a wonderful Xmas! I was sewing up until 5pm on Xmas eve... Talk about cutting it close! December 24th was all about stockings... 1 dog stocking, 2 cat stockings and 1 giant human stocking. I'll post photos soon. The big stocking turned out well so now I have a pattern for next year!

Next is to work on my Thrifty By Design site and get back into furniture updates. I think I may take the plunge and have a housewarming next month. I know I moved mid-August but timing is everything! So if I do have the housewarming, I have furniture to update and paintings to finish in a jiffy... My walls are still a teeny tiny bit bare!

Yesterday I met up with my new buddy Hiron who owns Kiri Kids Clothing, a kids clothing company based in Vancouver. We met up on Commercial Drive and had a lot of coffee and checked out some of the stores along the Drive.

I fell in love with some fabric at Dream Designs... It's gorgeous! And expensive - $32/metre. Quite extravagant for me! I thought it would work with the stools I want to update.

Last night I did a test run on updating one of the stools. I'm not sure the fabric is as sturdy as it needs to be. The stool looks FAB but is it completely functional or is it just about looking good? Here's the before and after shot of the stool - I still need to tweek how the fabric fits.



If I decide to go for function over form then I'll try using canvas for the seat and stenciling it. I had a couple of ideas for the stenciling...

Not all will be lost if I don't use the fabric for the stools - I can use the fabric to reupholster these chairs...

What do you think - should I go for form or function? :-)

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