Could stenciling be addictive?

Today my uber wonderful Dad came over and we hung the completed cork boards. I wanted them right by my desk. Once they were up, I started placing business cards on them. Wow - they look great! Stenciling things is fun!

I picked up 2 more wood panels since I have 2 cork boards left. I'll stencil the cork boards over Xmas for a friend. I've definitely gotten a lot of positive feedback on this project... And it really was a super simple update!

Recent Finds

I actually picked up a couple of collapsible stools this afternoon at the Salvation Army for $4/each. I need to do a quick sanding and oiling of the wood and then I want to replace the fabric. I was wondering what patterned canvas I could use then realized I could do something a bit different with this update. I have plain canvas that I could... Stencil! That's why I wonder if stenciling is addictive! I want to stencil everything now!

I'll have to sketch out some ideas for the stencil... Should I use words or a word or a pattern? I love these pieces by Knack Studios.

I am super pumped about working on furniture in January. I have the stools and my cabinet. I hope to make it to Windsor Plywood this week for drawer pulls. Man I can't believe how excited I am about picking out drawer pulls... Kookie I know! :-)

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