Becoming a grownup... Sort of

This weekend I designed and ordered some MOO MiniCards. MOO MiniCards are pretty nifty - they are 2.75" x 1.10" so much smaller than a regular business card. You can have as many different designs/photos for the front as you want. I went with 5 different designs - I just modified the floral design along the top. I ordered 200 cards for $40 - not bad!

I want to use these cards as part of my hang tags. Next I'll design secondary cards that specify the materials and any care instructions. So yes I'm getting a bit grownup and serious about this crafting thang!

Here's the front design...

And here's the back design...

I also registered my business name, Thrifty By Design, and am in the process of setting up my domain name, http://www.thriftybydesign.ca. My Xmas to New Years project is to rework my blog, set up the domain name and add a few extra pages (about, contact, featured products, etc). It helps to have print and web design experience!

2011 is going to be pretty darn FAB! :-)


  1. Yup. 2011 is going to be pretty great. I love your cards - very zen and totally spiff.

  2. Thanks Carol! They're in the mail so hopefully they arrive SOON!! ;-P