What's in a letter?

I have no B's in my name - nothing in my first, middle or last name - yet I felt compelled to buy this the other night from the Salvation Army for $4. A big old 'B' screwed onto a piece of wood which is on a metal stand. I do love it - it adds an eclectic vibe to my home decor... Fun pillows, an orange magazine rack and a 'B' stand. Fun!

Not sure what the 'B' should stand for... Maybe 'B' is for 'be'... Kind of corny but it works for me!

I also picked this up. It was $6. I have enough candle holders so I want to either keep this empty or think of something I can put inside. I really like the brushed metal and the bird on top. Kind of odd the things you find yourself collecting. Sometimes it can be so random and so unexpected!

Project Update

OK I need help on this project. I placed a glass bowl on top and left it by my front door for keys and such. Well I nearly broke the bowl a few times! I need something on top... Maybe a wood bowl I can either nail or screw to the stand. Any ideas?


  1. Oh, I love the B and the bird house!

  2. Me too... There's something craftie and fun about them! :-)