Pillows for me!

My couch was looking pretty empty since I donated a couple of my pillows to the United Way Silent Auction at work. This weekend I made a couple of quick pillow covers out of some Ikea fabric I picked up at the Lions Gate Thrift Shop for $6. I have TONS of this fabric. It's super fun!

I decided to make covers for 2 brand new 18" x 18" pillows forms I found at the Salvation Army for $4/each.

I cut out the fronts then cut out the backs. I haven't bothered to learn how to add zippers yet. I like the envelope back - it's super simple (and quick) to make pillow covers this way!

I used some bright green fabric for the back. The fabric was canvas-like and complimented the colours in the Ikea fabric. It was also a cheap thrift store find. My pillow covers probably cost $6/each in materials.

Here are the pillows I donated in their new home - they fit in perfectly!

Just thought I would throw this photo in... It's November in Vancouver yet my plants are looking pretty darn healthy and happy! I've managed to keep them alive... This is a big deal!

I also had my first dinner guest over this weekend. I may invite more friends over to the new place since my inaugural dinner went really well! I have some more good news but will share that later... :-)


  1. Those pillows are my favourite so far-- so beautiful!!!

  2. Your favourite so far? Wow - thanks! I love the birds... and the colours! :-)