My teak stash

Like many of my friends, I love teak! I've started collecting bits and pieces over the last while - furniture, housewares, etc. I've managed to find some interesting pieces at thrift stores for cheap. My teak stash is growing!

Awhile ago I was in a store on Main Street called ReFind. They have a ton of neato teak pieces! It made me realize how lucky I am to be a thrifter... A hunter of unique stuff for cheap so to speak. I've been getting some uber great deals and now I know how good the deals have been. My teak coffee table for $15 was a total steal... I bet it's worth two or three hundred dollars. Nuts!

So now I grab things when I see them... Like this teak tray. It's from Stockholm Design House. I picked it up at the Salvation Army yesterday for $4 then did a quick sanding and added tung oil. It's ready to go!

My top five teak finds include:

#5. 6 napkin rings for $0.25...

#4. 2 teak frames for $1/each...

#3. My teak salad bowl and 6 serving bowls for $6...

#2. The teak roll-top box I paid $5 for...

And finally... #1. My $15 teak coffee table!

I'm sure I'll find more to add to my collection! As long as I've got sandpaper and tung oil - bring on the neato teak pieces. :-)

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