My January project

Yes indeed I have a project planned for January already. December is booked with sewing so January will be furniture. I miss refinishing projects! Thankfully I got a few free gifties (aka donations) this week that'll get me back into sanding, staining, etc.

This cabinet is from someone I work with - they even dropped it off! And threw in the gift of free sanding paper to boot!

I think I just need to do some serious sanding then stain it. The drawers may need a bit of cleaning but the cabinet is in near perfect shape. And all 8 drawers could hold a ton of fabric which is what I think I'll use it for. Then I can 'hide' my current fabric storage - the plastic bins on wheels.

Soon I'll visit Windsor Plywood and scope out new drawer pulls. I'm not a big fan of big, clunky wood pulls. Once the sanding, staining and replacing of drawer pulls is complete, this cabinet will be gorgeous!

The other free items from this week are the pile of sandpaper and then I picked up some sticky back vinyl. I didn't take too much but enough to play with. The vinyl comes from the sign shop at work. I think I'll use it for stenciling. We'll see how it goes but that'll be December/January...

But yes for now I have a bunch of sewing to get done. Here's the pile of Xmas stockings I have on the go... I have 9 in the works. I'm trying to take breaks since sewing for hours and hours and hours can get to be somewhat tedious... :-)

And then my pile of pillow forms grew this week...

I found some circular forms at the Salvation Army for $1/each. I want to use them for doggie pillows. I'm hoping to work through my pile next weekend.

P.S. Thanks to all of my cyber/crafty/thrifty buddies for following me on Facebook and Twitter!

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