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Well I did something a little crazy... Crazier than my usual wackiness. I approached a local store about selling some of my crafts. This was a big step indeed. I thought it would be an easier step than plunging into Etsy. And well they're interested in selling some of my wares! Very exciting!

The store is Favourite Unique Gifts and Accessories and they feature local, handmade items. My stuff will fit in perfectly! I'm going to make iPhone sleeves, coffee sleeves and pillow covers to start then we'll see.

I started designing the iPhone sleeves and hope to have a few done this weekend. I'll make 3 in turquoise then 3 in charcoal grey. Here are some potential designs...

In other craft news, I'm making stuff for my work's Xmas craft fair. I'm making Xmas stockings for dogs and cats... Yup sounds weird, doesn't it? My friend Debbie is making homemade goodies to go in the stockings. I'll be making 6 dog stockings and 6 cat stockings. Then if I have time I'll make a few human stockings stuffed with homemade shortbread.

I have 3 dog stockings in the works - 2 turquoise, 1 charcoal grey. I used my dog bone cookie cutter plus added stars and snowflakes. Once the felt applique was done then I ironed the front to the inside using stitch witchery. I'm using up my free black felt for the inside... I still have TONS of it.

Here are the stockings after the ironing...

Next I set up my sewing machine and sewed the edges. I'm using bright green thread for the turquoise stockings and purple for the charcoal grey.

And now I'm adding the buttonhole stitch - this is how I stitch the front and back together. My sewing machine couldn't handle 4 layers of felt. I could simplify the stockings and not have the black inside but I think they look so much better this way!

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