I'm a hack & a cheat

I'm being a teeny tiny bit over-dramatic but really I have no clue about sewing and furniture updating, etc. I'm getting there! That's why I'm a DIY hack... I find something I want to do and I figure out how to do it. Sometimes it works and then sometimes it's a complete disaster!

I'm a cheat because sometimes I cut corners or find an easier way to get the result I want. Case in point - my latest round of Xmas stockings. They are cute!

These were pretty straight-forward to make - I cut, I sewed, I stitched... My cheat was upcycling 2 felt placemats I found at the Good Stuff Connection Thrift Shop for $1/each this week. The red is perfectly Xmas-y. The only glitch was cutting the stockings out since I didn't want to cut through stars and there were some food 'bits' on the felt that I wanted to get rid of.

I cut out the front of my stockings from the placemats. I managed to get 4 from the 2 placemats. Then cut out the back and then the 2 inside pieces.

For the back, I used stitch witchery to seal the inside to the outside. Next I used my trusty sewing machine to sew up the sides of the front and back. I made 3 stockings with a charcoal grey inside and 1 with a green inside. Each inside colour required different thread - I used green for the charcoal grey inside and bright blue for the green inside.

Next I stitched the front and back together using a buttonhole stitch. Now I have 4 Xmas stockings done and will get as many more stockings done this weekend as possible. I have a work craft fair on Wednesday - the pressure is on! :-)

Here they are - the finished stockings...


  1. I think they look just adorable!

  2. Thanks Clare!! They're definitely a bit different from my usual stockings and so much easier to make! :-)