Fabric adventures

It's been AGES since I went to an actual fabric store and bought fabric. I've been either using up my stash or finding funky fabric at thrift shops. But I was on a mission for something specific so it required the big trip downtown to Dressew.

Dressew is a large fabric store in downtown Vancouver. It's the place people go to for Halloween supplies - I went there once around Halloween... I'll never do that again! There was a line up outside. Strange I know to imagine a line up outside a fabric store!

I actually dropped by Button Button on my way to Dressew. It's a mini shop with endless kinds of buttons. Both Button Button and Dressew are time suckers. Those places you can get lost in for hours... Oh and then spend lots of money on stuff you like but really don't need! I did OK today - I only grabbed what I needed and nothing else. But boy was I tempted!

I needed grey wool for a bunch of pillow covers I'll be making for Favourite Unique Gifts and Accessories. I've finished up my iPhone sleeves, started on the coffee sleeves and now want to work on some felt applique pillow covers. I picked up some charcoal grey wool for $14.99/metre and then some lighter grey wool blend for $9.99/metre. I also grabbed a few spools of bright thread for the stitching along the edges.

While I was at Dressew, I noticed they now have Amy Butler fabric. It's was $14.99/metre. I was super tempted but I resisted.

Project Update

I now have 6 iPhone sleeves done. I started on 6 coffee sleeves but I'm not too keen on them so will take a breather and cut out the wool for my pillow covers. I may even whip up some designs in Illustrator.

Here are the other iPhone sleeves...

More Happy, Crafty News

The 3 Xmas dog stockings I finished were scooped up by Bow Wow Haus, a Vancouver dog boutique and daycare. If the stockings do well then hopefully they'll want more and even other doggie-centric items like pillows.

Here's my stocking on the left and all 3 in the store...

Now I need to cut fabric... They'll be tons of fabric cutting in the next few weeks then I'll be taking time off. And maybe even refinishing furniture. I do miss the sanding, painting, updating!


  1. Cute! I love your designs and embroidery. They are great.

    Hey! I missed the Amy Butler section my last trip to Dressew. Good thing. I've got plenty of stuff to work on in the meantime...but after Christmas? I may just get some.

  2. Amy Butler is deadly! I was super tempted but I have enough fabric, etc.

    I'm very excited about my grey wool... I'm working on some pillow cover designs RIGHT NOW! :-)