Craft friends, thrift store finds & loads of sewing

This weekend has been great for meeting crafty friends, sewing, being creative, etc. I'm starting to connect with like-minded thrifters, crafters and bloggers. Things are getting interesting!

My friend Carol, uber blogger/crafter/photographer, invited me to an invitation only craft fair. It was great! I only bought a couple of things - I picked up some super cute bottlecap fridge magnets from Cynthia F. They are fun! The craft fair definitely gave me some food for thought and I met a couple of neato crafters/thrifters to boot!

After the fair, we went to a couple of thrift shops in North Vancouver. I found this wooden box - it was $1.75.

Sometimes the cheapest, smallest finds are the most inspiring. I love it - I really like the birds! The shape of the birds would be fun to replicate on a felt applique pillow cover. I think I could use bright colours with some crazy stitching. We'll see... That'll be next month or in the new year since I'm jammed with other sewing projects!

I also found this wool for $1.99. I like the colours!

Project Update

I managed to get 3 Xmas stockings done this weekend. Tonight I'll be working on iPhone sleeves.

The stockings are looking good. I was worried the charcoal grey would be too dark but I think they should be fine as long as I add some bright colours either in the felt applique or the stitching along the edges. I have to confess - I love buttonhole stitching! It's pretty darn relaxing... I never thought I would have said that a couple of years ago! :-)

I'm making the stockings bigger than last year. The stocking on the left is from last Xmas. The new size is 5 inches along the top versus 3.5 inches... They'll fit more goodies which is important! Especially when I do the Xmas stockings for people and stuff them with homemade shortbread!


  1. Looove the box!!! But I am very partial to anything with birdies on it!
    And your puppeh stockings are so cute!!
    It was so great to meet you- I think we will have to go thrifting asap with our gang again- it's too much fun!

  2. I love the box too - I am also partial to birdies... :-)

    Thrifting ASAP is a plan!!

  3. Precious stockings! I don't have a dog, but if I did, I know what I'd make! Thanks so much for linking to air your laundry Friday!


  4. Thanks Jami!! I have a quite a few more stockings to make... It's going to be busy up until Xmas! :-)