Anyone up for a craft exchange?

I have a plan in place to help me with my bare walls... Other than eventually painting my blank canvasses, I am on the hunt for kewl crafters to exchange projects with. I have a few people in mind and have a couple ready to exchange. A fun felt applique pillow for a painting maybe or print. Who knows? Could be fun!

Lately I've been collecting items for the walls and some day soon will spend an afternoon hanging them. I have to come up with a plan for mounting these corkboards I got for free ages ago.

I've come across a lot of metal pieces for hanging keys or dish towels. The key hanger I got from Wonderbucks on Commercial Drive for $6.

Here's what I'm assuming is a dish towel hanger. I picked it up at the Salvation Army for $4. It's darn heavy... Funny to think of the mix of items I have. A friend came over for dinner and made some comment about all of the 'antique-y' items I have... I was going for eclectic not 'antique-y' but that'll work. ;-P

I got this mango wood wall mount from the Salvation Army for $5. I added oil to it since it was a bit washed out...

Next I need items with colour. Maybe I'll look into framing these Irish linen tea towels I picked up last spring for $3 each. I love them!

House of Craft Chaos

But before I get too ahead of myself, I have craft chaos to get through. I have pillow forms on my dining room table...

Wool, felt and embroidery floss on my coffee table...

And my organization system is definitely out of whack!

Chaos will reign until mid-December when all of my iPhone sleeves, coffee sleeves, Xmas stockings, pillow covers, etc are complete... Only a few weeks to go then I can relax...


  1. I'm right with you. I'm quilting and sewing and all kinds of good stuff. I love Christmas time.

    Those dishtowels are awesome and I do love the rooster hanger. Ever since I read that roosters are the symbol to drive away gossip in a feng shui book, I look at them differently. Also, Mike was born in the year of the rooster, so it's a good bird for me.

  2. I love the unicorn towels... Great colours, nifty design... Kind of wacky. Hmmm interesting about roosters.

    BTW you're one of the peeps on my craft hitlist. We are doing a trade Carol! ;-P