An upcycled wool sweater

Ages ago I picked up this wool sweater from the Salvation Army for $4. It's a gorgeous grey wool that I thought would be perfect for repurposing.

I made some baby booties out of the arms and the front then put the remnants aside.

Yesterday I found a couple of small pillow forms at the Salvation Army. One was 10" x 10" inches and the other was 12" x 16". I find the smaller forms or rectangular forms are more fun to create pillow covers for. The pillow forms cost me $1.99 for the 10" x 10" and then $3.99 for the 12" x 16". I donated the covers back to the Salvation Army since I didn't need them.

The smaller form was perfect for the remnants from the wool sweater. Here's the pillow cover I created - 'sweet dreams'. I used white and blue for the applique then a pink for the script.

I didn't have enough of the grey wool for the back so used some black wool. I also sewed it up using a bright green thread.

I'm not sure this pillow cover fits my place so will most likely donate the final piece to a friend. Maybe it would suit a kid's room... We'll see!

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  1. Thanks Dana! I strutted some stuff at your link party - thanks for the invite! :-)