The never ending project has ended

I finished off chair #6 of my set of 6 teak chairs today. The six chairs (four of one design, two of another) cost $50 in total. And now they are all complete! Gesh it only took me a year or two - I stored them for a bit then SLOWLY updated all of them! They look great!

Here are the final two I updated...



I'm definitely clearing up projects but have a few more to get off my plate. Next I need to work on my metal cabinet and then my director chairs. But those may wait since Xmas is fast approaching and I have pillow covers to sew, Xmas stockings to create, etc, etc, etc! :-)


  1. I really like your blog, but it would be more enjoyable to have the fonts bigger. I can hardly read it and I am on a 17" screen. Maybe because I am in my 50's...the eyes are going.

  2. Thanks Terry! I did a minor adjustment to the font - changed the font and increased the copy slightly. Hopefully that helps! If not I'll make the font bigger. :-)