My very me iPhone sleeve

Finally something I might end up keeping! I finished up my iPhone sleeve this morning. It's super cute! And fits me to a 'T'. I love the yellow script with the blue stitching!

The sleeve was actually quick and easy once I had an idea for the design. I used my new charcoal grey felt and then the inside is black felt. A friend donated a ton of black felt and it's definitely come in handy!

First I put together a draft design in Illustrator... Mainly focusing on the dimensions and text.

Then I added the felt applique and the text...

Next I added the back pocket - I wanted a pocket for my business cards.

After that I used some stitch witchery in-between the grey and black felt then ironed them together. Once that was done I sewed the edges, folded the sleeve and hand-stitched the sides.

My iPhone fits perfectly! The sleeve had to fit the iPhone plus case...

Grey is my 'colour' these days. It's a great base colour then you can go nuts with the stitching and felt applique.

Now I can move onto my beta Xmas stocking and working on more pillow covers for friends. These covers are going in the mail this weekend...

I donated this pillow set to the United Way Silent Auction at work...

And these I gave to a friend...

So my couch is now quite pillowless... And my walls are still paintingless.

Not sure why friends assume I hoard stuff... I usually end up giving my projects away!


  1. Oh cute! Hmmm...maybe I need to buy an iphone.

  2. Thanks Cathy! I resisted the iPhone but then had to give in. I'm glad I got one! So many neato things you can do with it... If you get an iPhone I'll make a sleeve for you! :-)