Kewl pillows for kewl peeps

What is 'kewl pillows for kewl peeps'? Well I'm making fun pillow covers for friends. I loved giving away some of my past pillow cover creations so I'm passing on more pillow cover goodness. Each design is specific to or at least inspired by the friend who will receive it.

To start, I'm using the $5 piece of grey wool I picked up a couple of weeks ago. I'll create 5 pillow covers with it then give them away. I already have 2 complete!

Here's my 'you are berry yummy' design...

Here's the final pillow cover...

Here's my 'friends-4-ever' design...

Here's the final pillow cover...

Here are the final covers together...

Here's pillow design #3 - 'grape-ful for you'... This one I'll start soon since it's making its way to Victoria at the end of the month... I'll be personally delivering it! :-)

Other Pillow Updates

My free pillow cover from Camp Cirrus arrived. It really fits in with my other pillows! I love it!

Now that I have all of the pillows I can possibly need in my living room, it's time to deal with the blank canvases.

Here are the paints I picked up at Michael's for my canvases... Pretty darn bright I know! There is a plan and hopefully the execution is successful. If not then I'll prime the canvases and start over!


  1. Those are SO sweet! I just love felt. Thank you so much for joining air your laundry Friday. The party is back on after a brief holiday break!


  2. Thanks - I love felt too! I'll definitely join the party over at freckled laundry! :-)