I ham who I ham

I put together a design for the felt applique pillow I want to make for myself. It started out as 'I yam who I yam' but really a felt applique yam wouldn't be that interesting... A felt applique ham though could be pretty neato. And a bit more of a reflection of my personality since I am a bit of a goofball.

Now I just need to track down more grey wool - I'm loving the grey wool! Maybe I'll look at the Salvation Army for sweaters that need reloving. Or see if I can track down more fabric at the local thrift shops.

I'll have time to track down the right wool since I'll be moving on to stockings. Here's the design I'll start with - they're dog Xmas stockings that will have homemade biscuits in them.

My tools for the stockings so far include the pattern and a cookie cutter in the shape of a bone. I found the cookie cutter at Wonderbucks on Commercial Drive. I bought 3 for $1.

I've started to prep 3 stockings. My grey felt may be a tad too dark so we'll see how it goes! Next I'll add the white snowflakes.

A Furniture Drought

Lately I haven't found any furniture to update. Good thing I have a bunch of sewing projects to keep me busy and I still need to organize my new place. I did find this bench from the Salvation Army. It was $6 and I thought it would be great for shoes.

I walked it home and I definitely got some strange looks. No matter where you are - people find it odd to see you dragging furniture around! ;-P

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