Fabulous fabric finds

Lately I've been scoring on the fabric front. The Salvation Army right by my work has been great for cheap fabric finds! I found a couple of pieces that would work for furniture updates. Both pieces I paid $2.99 for.

The below fabric is a variation of the fabric I used for my office chair update. I'll use this fabric for either a chair update or maybe some pillow covers.

Other fabric purchases include a stash of felt from Dressew. Last year I had a hard time tracking down grey felt so grabbed 2 metres this weekend. I also got 2 metres of the light teal... Grey, teal and white are perfect colours for Xmas stockings!

I'm going to start cutting out the stockings then adding the felt applique. I'm planning to make cat, dog and human stockings like last year. I'm making them larger than last year and using Martha Stewart's mini stocking pattern.

With all of this fabric, I'm bursting at the seams with a big pile of craft 'stuff'... Ny new place is looking quite lovely other than this pile in my living room.


I was at my friend's Deb's place yesterday for coffee. I have quite a few kewl friends close by which is great! She wanted to get rid of a wood shelf and well I needed one so we did a trade... I get the shelf and she gets whatever crafts she wants - pillow covers, wine bags, etc. Not a bad deal!


I thought of using baskets to organize my craft materials but saw these boxes at Superstore - I love the chalkboard front (I still need to add some chalk to the boxes). They were $9 for a set of two. They only had two of the brown boxes available so I got a couple of wire trays for $7/each. My mess is not so messy - hopefully! Feels good to be organized and it only cost me $40!


My office/craft/living room space is coming together!


  1. Those fabric designs are awesome! I like the craftsmanship it's perfect for home decoration.

  2. I know! I lucked out finding them at the Salvation Army... Looking forward to seeing what I can use the fabric for. :-)