Extending the pillow love

I recently gave a few of my uber cute pillow covers to some friends. Each pillow design just perfectly fit with the friend I gave the pillow to.

My 'ORANGE you great' design went to Kelsey who has taken it to London with her while she studies and promises to send me photos of it in various locations. Should be fun! And really Kelsey is great.

The 'You are BERRY sweet' design went to Marlene who is someone I've worked with for the past couple of years and now consider a very good friend. There's no one like Marlene!

And my 'BIRDS of a feather' design went to Kris who is just an all around great friend.

And now I've hatched a plan... Call me a sap or just overly sentimental but I'm making more pillows for a few people who are either great friends, friends who I've recently reconnected with or friends who have no kewl pillows. The latter need me the most! ;-)

Luckily I found a bunch of grey wool at the Lions Gate Thrift Shop this week that works for my plan. It's a lovely shade of grey and super soft. The wool was $5 - a great deal! My timing was perfect since it was actually $10 and they were having a 50% off sale that day. I was able to get five pillow covers out of it (two 14" x 14" pillow covers, one 14" x 18" pillow cover, one 12" x 16" pillow cover and one 16" x 16" pillow cover).

I put together designs for the two 14" x 14" pillow covers. I wanted to do another berry pillow cover and then the 'friends-4-ever' is for a friend in Edmonton who is turning 50. The berry and elephant graphics are clip art that I found via Google.

Here's my initial lay out for the applique... I pin the felt and the text then figure out what colour thread to use.

I'm hoping to get these two covers done this weekend then I can mail them off to Alberta. Yup they're going out of province. This is the big time!

Here's the other fabric I picked up at the Lions Gate Thrift Shop - it's Ikea fabric. I have tons of this as well. It was $12 but got it for $6. Not bad!

Project Update

Now I have 5 of my 6 teak chairs complete! Only one more to reassemble then they'll be done.


I added the teak bungs, sanded them down (sorry Mike! Apparently there's a different system for adding the bungs but this is how I decided to do it) then touched up the chair with tung oil.

Note: I did a bit of work on the free coffee table this afternoon. I sanded the varathane a bit then used steel wool on the finish. The table is now done!

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