I ham who I ham

I put together a design for the felt applique pillow I want to make for myself. It started out as 'I yam who I yam' but really a felt applique yam wouldn't be that interesting... A felt applique ham though could be pretty neato. And a bit more of a reflection of my personality since I am a bit of a goofball.

Now I just need to track down more grey wool - I'm loving the grey wool! Maybe I'll look at the Salvation Army for sweaters that need reloving. Or see if I can track down more fabric at the local thrift shops.

I'll have time to track down the right wool since I'll be moving on to stockings. Here's the design I'll start with - they're dog Xmas stockings that will have homemade biscuits in them.

My tools for the stockings so far include the pattern and a cookie cutter in the shape of a bone. I found the cookie cutter at Wonderbucks on Commercial Drive. I bought 3 for $1.

I've started to prep 3 stockings. My grey felt may be a tad too dark so we'll see how it goes! Next I'll add the white snowflakes.

A Furniture Drought

Lately I haven't found any furniture to update. Good thing I have a bunch of sewing projects to keep me busy and I still need to organize my new place. I did find this bench from the Salvation Army. It was $6 and I thought it would be great for shoes.

I walked it home and I definitely got some strange looks. No matter where you are - people find it odd to see you dragging furniture around! ;-P


An upcycled wool sweater

Ages ago I picked up this wool sweater from the Salvation Army for $4. It's a gorgeous grey wool that I thought would be perfect for repurposing.

I made some baby booties out of the arms and the front then put the remnants aside.

Yesterday I found a couple of small pillow forms at the Salvation Army. One was 10" x 10" inches and the other was 12" x 16". I find the smaller forms or rectangular forms are more fun to create pillow covers for. The pillow forms cost me $1.99 for the 10" x 10" and then $3.99 for the 12" x 16". I donated the covers back to the Salvation Army since I didn't need them.

The smaller form was perfect for the remnants from the wool sweater. Here's the pillow cover I created - 'sweet dreams'. I used white and blue for the applique then a pink for the script.

I didn't have enough of the grey wool for the back so used some black wool. I also sewed it up using a bright green thread.

I'm not sure this pillow cover fits my place so will most likely donate the final piece to a friend. Maybe it would suit a kid's room... We'll see!

Facebook & Twitter

I also took the plunge not too long ago and set up Thrifty By Design on Facebook and Twitter. Hopefully you'll follow me!


More kewl pillows

I have 4 of my 5 pillow covers complete using the grey wool I found at the Lions Gate Thrift Shop for $5. Pillows #1 and #2 were mailed off last week. Pillows #3 and #4 were taken with me when I went to Victoria, BC this weekend for a nice respite.

Now I'll work on pillow #5 as well as start on my Xmas stocking production plan.

GRAPE-FUL for you

This pillow cover was inspired by my friend Karen who has been nothing but ultra fabulous to me since I met her a couple of years ago. So yes I am grateful (aka grape-ful) for her!

Here's my initial design...

Here's the final pillow cover...

I love the light teal felt for the block text!


I have a couple of ideas for home-themed pillow covers. The 'HOME sweet HOME' design was my first attempt - sorry if the photos aren't the best! I'm still getting used to the camera on my iPhone.

Here's my design for an old friend who just moved from Ontario to Victoria...

Here's the final pillow cover...

Pillow #6 Will Be...

My final pillow cover using the grey wool will be another 'ORANGE you great' design. I'm not sure if I'll use a different colour for the text but the orange on grey should look funky! This one is for my friend Erica... She's great although I did toy with changing the text. Should it be great, fabulous, wonderful... Who knows!

Finally I have a design in mind for a pillow cover for me. It'll be something goofy since really I am a big goofball. But that one will have to wait... Xmas is coming fast and it's all about making things for other people! :-)


The never ending project has ended

I finished off chair #6 of my set of 6 teak chairs today. The six chairs (four of one design, two of another) cost $50 in total. And now they are all complete! Gesh it only took me a year or two - I stored them for a bit then SLOWLY updated all of them! They look great!

Here are the final two I updated...



I'm definitely clearing up projects but have a few more to get off my plate. Next I need to work on my metal cabinet and then my director chairs. But those may wait since Xmas is fast approaching and I have pillow covers to sew, Xmas stockings to create, etc, etc, etc! :-)


My very me iPhone sleeve

Finally something I might end up keeping! I finished up my iPhone sleeve this morning. It's super cute! And fits me to a 'T'. I love the yellow script with the blue stitching!

The sleeve was actually quick and easy once I had an idea for the design. I used my new charcoal grey felt and then the inside is black felt. A friend donated a ton of black felt and it's definitely come in handy!

First I put together a draft design in Illustrator... Mainly focusing on the dimensions and text.

Then I added the felt applique and the text...

Next I added the back pocket - I wanted a pocket for my business cards.

After that I used some stitch witchery in-between the grey and black felt then ironed them together. Once that was done I sewed the edges, folded the sleeve and hand-stitched the sides.

My iPhone fits perfectly! The sleeve had to fit the iPhone plus case...

Grey is my 'colour' these days. It's a great base colour then you can go nuts with the stitching and felt applique.

Now I can move onto my beta Xmas stocking and working on more pillow covers for friends. These covers are going in the mail this weekend...

I donated this pillow set to the United Way Silent Auction at work...

And these I gave to a friend...

So my couch is now quite pillowless... And my walls are still paintingless.

Not sure why friends assume I hoard stuff... I usually end up giving my projects away!


Kewl pillows for kewl peeps

What is 'kewl pillows for kewl peeps'? Well I'm making fun pillow covers for friends. I loved giving away some of my past pillow cover creations so I'm passing on more pillow cover goodness. Each design is specific to or at least inspired by the friend who will receive it.

To start, I'm using the $5 piece of grey wool I picked up a couple of weeks ago. I'll create 5 pillow covers with it then give them away. I already have 2 complete!

Here's my 'you are berry yummy' design...

Here's the final pillow cover...

Here's my 'friends-4-ever' design...

Here's the final pillow cover...

Here are the final covers together...

Here's pillow design #3 - 'grape-ful for you'... This one I'll start soon since it's making its way to Victoria at the end of the month... I'll be personally delivering it! :-)

Other Pillow Updates

My free pillow cover from Camp Cirrus arrived. It really fits in with my other pillows! I love it!

Now that I have all of the pillows I can possibly need in my living room, it's time to deal with the blank canvases.

Here are the paints I picked up at Michael's for my canvases... Pretty darn bright I know! There is a plan and hopefully the execution is successful. If not then I'll prime the canvases and start over!

Fabulous fabric finds

Lately I've been scoring on the fabric front. The Salvation Army right by my work has been great for cheap fabric finds! I found a couple of pieces that would work for furniture updates. Both pieces I paid $2.99 for.

The below fabric is a variation of the fabric I used for my office chair update. I'll use this fabric for either a chair update or maybe some pillow covers.

Other fabric purchases include a stash of felt from Dressew. Last year I had a hard time tracking down grey felt so grabbed 2 metres this weekend. I also got 2 metres of the light teal... Grey, teal and white are perfect colours for Xmas stockings!

I'm going to start cutting out the stockings then adding the felt applique. I'm planning to make cat, dog and human stockings like last year. I'm making them larger than last year and using Martha Stewart's mini stocking pattern.

With all of this fabric, I'm bursting at the seams with a big pile of craft 'stuff'... Ny new place is looking quite lovely other than this pile in my living room.


I was at my friend's Deb's place yesterday for coffee. I have quite a few kewl friends close by which is great! She wanted to get rid of a wood shelf and well I needed one so we did a trade... I get the shelf and she gets whatever crafts she wants - pillow covers, wine bags, etc. Not a bad deal!


I thought of using baskets to organize my craft materials but saw these boxes at Superstore - I love the chalkboard front (I still need to add some chalk to the boxes). They were $9 for a set of two. They only had two of the brown boxes available so I got a couple of wire trays for $7/each. My mess is not so messy - hopefully! Feels good to be organized and it only cost me $40!


My office/craft/living room space is coming together!


Extending the pillow love

I recently gave a few of my uber cute pillow covers to some friends. Each pillow design just perfectly fit with the friend I gave the pillow to.

My 'ORANGE you great' design went to Kelsey who has taken it to London with her while she studies and promises to send me photos of it in various locations. Should be fun! And really Kelsey is great.

The 'You are BERRY sweet' design went to Marlene who is someone I've worked with for the past couple of years and now consider a very good friend. There's no one like Marlene!

And my 'BIRDS of a feather' design went to Kris who is just an all around great friend.

And now I've hatched a plan... Call me a sap or just overly sentimental but I'm making more pillows for a few people who are either great friends, friends who I've recently reconnected with or friends who have no kewl pillows. The latter need me the most! ;-)

Luckily I found a bunch of grey wool at the Lions Gate Thrift Shop this week that works for my plan. It's a lovely shade of grey and super soft. The wool was $5 - a great deal! My timing was perfect since it was actually $10 and they were having a 50% off sale that day. I was able to get five pillow covers out of it (two 14" x 14" pillow covers, one 14" x 18" pillow cover, one 12" x 16" pillow cover and one 16" x 16" pillow cover).

I put together designs for the two 14" x 14" pillow covers. I wanted to do another berry pillow cover and then the 'friends-4-ever' is for a friend in Edmonton who is turning 50. The berry and elephant graphics are clip art that I found via Google.

Here's my initial lay out for the applique... I pin the felt and the text then figure out what colour thread to use.

I'm hoping to get these two covers done this weekend then I can mail them off to Alberta. Yup they're going out of province. This is the big time!

Here's the other fabric I picked up at the Lions Gate Thrift Shop - it's Ikea fabric. I have tons of this as well. It was $12 but got it for $6. Not bad!

Project Update

Now I have 5 of my 6 teak chairs complete! Only one more to reassemble then they'll be done.


I added the teak bungs, sanded them down (sorry Mike! Apparently there's a different system for adding the bungs but this is how I decided to do it) then touched up the chair with tung oil.

Note: I did a bit of work on the free coffee table this afternoon. I sanded the varathane a bit then used steel wool on the finish. The table is now done!