What a bummer...

I feel a bit defeated... Sounds over dramatic I know! But sometimes I get bummed out by the end result (aka the meltdown about the orange magazine rack update... Which I now ironically LOVE!).

This afternoon I finished off the update on my dresser. It's done other than some tweeks to the finish... But it looks like I'll be buying some new drawer pulls! I wanted to re-use the old ones and add a couple of different ones to the top drawer but that won't be happening. The drawer pulls look super ugly! Or maybe they just look weird. Who knows but the dresser is lovely and will be lovelier with new pulls!

I do have good news - I got my old Singer out and did some sewing. My office is quite compact. I set up my sewing table so it's a combo between my freelance work and the fun stuff I like to do. My two trusty companions fit perfectly!

Sewing and purging are on the front burner (like everything else). I went through my fabric this weekend searching for anything that may work with my new couch. I actually had very little that intrigued me... Meaning I need to purge the fabric that no longer works and try to find some that will work with my new place. I definitely need colourful fabric since my couch is dark.

I also realized I have TONS of pillow forms! Too many... I'm going to sew pillow covers for some of my pillow deprived friends. Why not! There's only so many that I can actually use.

Here's the pillow cover I finished up this weekend - it used to be the whale pillow cover but now says 'birds of a feather'. This one is a gift for a friend who I hope likes it. They better!

Here's a set of pillow covers I created awhile ago...

I'm going to add a couple of pillows to the above set using the below fabric... Oddly enough most of the fabric I'm keeping is from Ikea although I grabbed most of mine from thrift stores.

I also sketched out an idea for another felt applique pillow cover like my 'ORANGE you GREAT' cover from awhile ago.

Here's my sketch in Illustrator...

Here's the final pillow cover...

Here's the next fruit themed pillow cover sketch - I'll be using an old wool blanket for the cover. Maybe I can make a series!

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