An upcycling frenzie

This weekend I upcycled 'stuff'. Other than finishing up my dresser, which I now LOVE, I worked on some pillows for my couch. I made pillow covers from a skirt, an apron and an old wool blanket. It's fun to see old, worn items transformed into kewl, functional pieces!

Upcycling Project #1

Thursday night I found this super fun Miss Sixty skirt at the Salvation Army for $7. It had some wear and tear but it had pillow cover potential. I was able to make a set of 16" x 16" pillow covers and still have fabric left over!



Luckily I had some plain teal fabric for the back that really added to the pillow covers.

Upcycling Project #2

I found this Ikea apron at the Treasure Cottage Thrift Store last week as well. It was $2. I thought of creating some straight-forward pillow covers with it but that seemed somewhat boring. I needed to do something a bit different.



I had some orange felted wool that was sitting around and decided to use it as a frame and for the backing. I pinned the Ikea fabric to the wool then sewed a circle in the middle then cut out the wool to create a peekaboo effect.

I also sewed the edges so the thread would show - I used a green thread for the inner circle and edges. Finally I trimmed the edges and the covers were done.


Here's my new pillow covers with my yet to be painted canvases. Next step will be to sew an accent pillow for the set.

I wanted to use a plain and graphic fabric for the accent pillow. Something bright would be perfect. I found this fabric for $3 at the Salvation Army on Saturday - it's perfect! A simple design in a bright teal. I'll work on the accent pillow this week and have my set complete for the weekend.

Upcycling Project #3

This pillow cover is super fun but I won't be keeping it. I've decided to make some pillow covers for friends.

This is my beta pillow cover using an old wool blanket that I picked up at a flea market this summer for $2. It's pretty torn in places but I know I can make a bunch of pillow covers out of it.



I'm loving the idea of a fruit-related series of pillow covers... Orange you great, You are berry sweet... What's next?

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