My furniture miracle

It's true! I may have witnessed an actual furniture miracle. As you may recall, my water stained table was on the verge of getting painted (not really but you know what I mean). It was looking good but you could still sort of see the water stains. Stuff like that really bugs me. I'm too persnickety at times... And when I get this way it usually means more work!

Sunday I sanded, oiled and varathaned. I wasn't very hopeful I'd have my update complete... Tonight my table didn't look too bad at all!

This week I'll sand the finish then add another coat of varathane. I'm feeling pretty darn optimistic that my table will be close to perfect... Maybe this will be an early giftie for a friend because my one bedroom home is close to furniture capacity.

Project Update

Not to be greedy but I'm hoping for another furniture miracle this weekend. I'm finishing up my final two teak chairs this weekend. I finished up my set of four and now want to get these done. I have a minor issue... One of the screws for the top part is giving me issues. It won't catch so we'll see if I can get it to work this weekend.

The chairs have been reassembled other than the one screw. Next I'll touch up the wood then add the teak 'bungs'... Apparently they aren't plugs but bungs. The things you learn! Anyways I picked up some teak bungs from Martin Marine in North Vancouver (thanks Mike for your tip on the 'bungs'!). They were $0.30/each.

Here are the new bungs along with one of the old ones...

I'll need to sand them down and add some teak oil. It sounds easy breasy but we'll see!

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