Money can buy love

This weekend was the weekend to finish up my dresser. I knew the dresser itself was 90% complete. My only major issue was the drawer pulls. I ended up checking out pulls at Canadian Tire and Rona. I must have been in the Rona hardware section for at least half an hour contemplating the different drawer pulls but nothing was catching my eye. I was stumped.

I did end up buying pulls from Rona that were OK but I wasn't happy about it. I paid $55 for 10 pulls. Then when I went into Michael's this morning to grab some embroidery floss my luck changed. A women in the checkout line suggested a place in North Vancouver that was super close by - Windsor Plywood.

Well they have gorgeous drawer pulls and a huge selection. Right away I found the 2 types of pulls I wanted to use. I picked out 2 big round drawer pulls for the middle drawer then 8 floral type pulls for the other drawers. I went for a brushed brass that would fit with my rescued pulls that are on the other two bedroom pieces.

I was excited! Then I found out how much each pull was - eh gad! They were double the price of the ones from Rona. But it was too late - I was in love and I had to have them. The total cost for my 10 pulls after tax was $100. Crazy I know but I figure I'm worth it! The dresser is one project I definitely want to keep.

Now my $4 Art Deco dresser from the Gibsons Recycling Depot is complete...



Aren't the new pulls so much prettier than the original ones?

Next step is to transport it home... Happy days!


  1. I had a drawer pull problem myself recently. Took me 2 tries to find ones that fit and then they really didn't fit, grrr.

    Love your teal pillow too and I'm jealous of your sewing machine!

  2. Sometimes it's the weirdest things that give you the hiccups! That's why I splurged on the pulls... I figured I was worth it and didn't want to traipse all over town for pulls. :-)

    The teal pillow is lovely - I have more fabric too... And my $10 sewing machine was so worth it! It even included a free lesson.