Feeling the free stuff love

Well I've received 2 quite lovely freebies in the past week or two. First was a retro wood table that was either going to the Salvation Army or to me. I decided to take it and try to fix it up - the top is quite water stained as you'll see. And then today I found out I won a super fun pillow by Camp Cirrus, a Swedish design company. I won the pillow through a giveaway on The Sweet Spot.

This is my free pillow... I love it!

And here's the table as it arrived. The table had been used for plants so got quite water stained. I love the shape and the legs. I'm trying my darnest to bring it back to life without painting it. Painting will be my last ditch effort to revive it.

I did a quick and dirty sanding of the table then added tung oil. This way I could see how bad the stains really were. Well they were bad so I sanded the table some more.

I added tung oil again and still the stains were there. Not as obvious as before but they were there. Next step was adding a coat of a darker coloured Danish oil. I literally poured the oil onto the table and let it sit for a half hour then wiped it off.

I added a couple of coats of varathane and am letting the table sit for a few days. I'll re-assess my plan later this week.

You can see the stains a bit. I'm hoping something miraculous happens while I take time away from it. Not likely but we'll see.

Project Update

I did manage to finish something this weekend. The good news is I sewed another pillow cover for my couch using the bright teal fabric I bought at the Salvation Army.

I'm hoping my free Camp Cirrus pillow will fit in... And that I'll still have room left for people to actually sit on my couch! ;-P


  1. Great job on the table! I love all the pillows you've been doing, they're so fun!

  2. Thanks Cathy! The table is getting there! I'm not sure if I'll keep it but we'll see. The pillows are coming along... I really need to get back into sewing with Xmas coming up. :-)