And then there was the dresser

Today I finally got to the Art Deco dresser update. I've been meaning to for awhile but then would get distracted by other projects and work among other things. This weekend, I put aside a few hours over 2 days for updating the dresser. Day 1 (today) was for sanding, priming and the initial painting. Day 2 (tomorrow) is for the final coat of paint, the shabby chic-ing and then adding the varathane... Day 2 will also include cleaning up the drawer pulls - you'll see what I mean later!

This weekend has been great for getting into the craft groove. It's definitely nice when you can take a breather from 'real' work and time away from your computer. And the real bonus is that once the dressr is done then I can actually get organized. My bedroom is a bit of a disaster - pillow forms everywhere, jam packed closet and stuff on the floor. Kind of embarrassing actually...



I love how the off-white paint brings out the details on this piece. It's going to look FAB once it's done! The dresser will fit in perfectly with the side table update and the magazine rack update.

After removing the drawer pulls, I soaked them in water and Windex... Super ick! I didn't realize they were that dirty! This is on par with finding dead critters and other mystery objects. Updating furniture is not for those with a weak stomach.

Tomorrow is going to be good - one more project out of my parents' carport and into my new home!

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