My furniture miracle

It's true! I may have witnessed an actual furniture miracle. As you may recall, my water stained table was on the verge of getting painted (not really but you know what I mean). It was looking good but you could still sort of see the water stains. Stuff like that really bugs me. I'm too persnickety at times... And when I get this way it usually means more work!

Sunday I sanded, oiled and varathaned. I wasn't very hopeful I'd have my update complete... Tonight my table didn't look too bad at all!

This week I'll sand the finish then add another coat of varathane. I'm feeling pretty darn optimistic that my table will be close to perfect... Maybe this will be an early giftie for a friend because my one bedroom home is close to furniture capacity.

Project Update

Not to be greedy but I'm hoping for another furniture miracle this weekend. I'm finishing up my final two teak chairs this weekend. I finished up my set of four and now want to get these done. I have a minor issue... One of the screws for the top part is giving me issues. It won't catch so we'll see if I can get it to work this weekend.

The chairs have been reassembled other than the one screw. Next I'll touch up the wood then add the teak 'bungs'... Apparently they aren't plugs but bungs. The things you learn! Anyways I picked up some teak bungs from Martin Marine in North Vancouver (thanks Mike for your tip on the 'bungs'!). They were $0.30/each.

Here are the new bungs along with one of the old ones...

I'll need to sand them down and add some teak oil. It sounds easy breasy but we'll see!


Feeling the free stuff love

Well I've received 2 quite lovely freebies in the past week or two. First was a retro wood table that was either going to the Salvation Army or to me. I decided to take it and try to fix it up - the top is quite water stained as you'll see. And then today I found out I won a super fun pillow by Camp Cirrus, a Swedish design company. I won the pillow through a giveaway on The Sweet Spot.

This is my free pillow... I love it!

And here's the table as it arrived. The table had been used for plants so got quite water stained. I love the shape and the legs. I'm trying my darnest to bring it back to life without painting it. Painting will be my last ditch effort to revive it.

I did a quick and dirty sanding of the table then added tung oil. This way I could see how bad the stains really were. Well they were bad so I sanded the table some more.

I added tung oil again and still the stains were there. Not as obvious as before but they were there. Next step was adding a coat of a darker coloured Danish oil. I literally poured the oil onto the table and let it sit for a half hour then wiped it off.

I added a couple of coats of varathane and am letting the table sit for a few days. I'll re-assess my plan later this week.

You can see the stains a bit. I'm hoping something miraculous happens while I take time away from it. Not likely but we'll see.

Project Update

I did manage to finish something this weekend. The good news is I sewed another pillow cover for my couch using the bright teal fabric I bought at the Salvation Army.

I'm hoping my free Camp Cirrus pillow will fit in... And that I'll still have room left for people to actually sit on my couch! ;-P


An upcycling frenzie

This weekend I upcycled 'stuff'. Other than finishing up my dresser, which I now LOVE, I worked on some pillows for my couch. I made pillow covers from a skirt, an apron and an old wool blanket. It's fun to see old, worn items transformed into kewl, functional pieces!

Upcycling Project #1

Thursday night I found this super fun Miss Sixty skirt at the Salvation Army for $7. It had some wear and tear but it had pillow cover potential. I was able to make a set of 16" x 16" pillow covers and still have fabric left over!



Luckily I had some plain teal fabric for the back that really added to the pillow covers.

Upcycling Project #2

I found this Ikea apron at the Treasure Cottage Thrift Store last week as well. It was $2. I thought of creating some straight-forward pillow covers with it but that seemed somewhat boring. I needed to do something a bit different.



I had some orange felted wool that was sitting around and decided to use it as a frame and for the backing. I pinned the Ikea fabric to the wool then sewed a circle in the middle then cut out the wool to create a peekaboo effect.

I also sewed the edges so the thread would show - I used a green thread for the inner circle and edges. Finally I trimmed the edges and the covers were done.


Here's my new pillow covers with my yet to be painted canvases. Next step will be to sew an accent pillow for the set.

I wanted to use a plain and graphic fabric for the accent pillow. Something bright would be perfect. I found this fabric for $3 at the Salvation Army on Saturday - it's perfect! A simple design in a bright teal. I'll work on the accent pillow this week and have my set complete for the weekend.

Upcycling Project #3

This pillow cover is super fun but I won't be keeping it. I've decided to make some pillow covers for friends.

This is my beta pillow cover using an old wool blanket that I picked up at a flea market this summer for $2. It's pretty torn in places but I know I can make a bunch of pillow covers out of it.



I'm loving the idea of a fruit-related series of pillow covers... Orange you great, You are berry sweet... What's next?


Money can buy love

This weekend was the weekend to finish up my dresser. I knew the dresser itself was 90% complete. My only major issue was the drawer pulls. I ended up checking out pulls at Canadian Tire and Rona. I must have been in the Rona hardware section for at least half an hour contemplating the different drawer pulls but nothing was catching my eye. I was stumped.

I did end up buying pulls from Rona that were OK but I wasn't happy about it. I paid $55 for 10 pulls. Then when I went into Michael's this morning to grab some embroidery floss my luck changed. A women in the checkout line suggested a place in North Vancouver that was super close by - Windsor Plywood.

Well they have gorgeous drawer pulls and a huge selection. Right away I found the 2 types of pulls I wanted to use. I picked out 2 big round drawer pulls for the middle drawer then 8 floral type pulls for the other drawers. I went for a brushed brass that would fit with my rescued pulls that are on the other two bedroom pieces.

I was excited! Then I found out how much each pull was - eh gad! They were double the price of the ones from Rona. But it was too late - I was in love and I had to have them. The total cost for my 10 pulls after tax was $100. Crazy I know but I figure I'm worth it! The dresser is one project I definitely want to keep.

Now my $4 Art Deco dresser from the Gibsons Recycling Depot is complete...



Aren't the new pulls so much prettier than the original ones?

Next step is to transport it home... Happy days!


What a bummer...

I feel a bit defeated... Sounds over dramatic I know! But sometimes I get bummed out by the end result (aka the meltdown about the orange magazine rack update... Which I now ironically LOVE!).

This afternoon I finished off the update on my dresser. It's done other than some tweeks to the finish... But it looks like I'll be buying some new drawer pulls! I wanted to re-use the old ones and add a couple of different ones to the top drawer but that won't be happening. The drawer pulls look super ugly! Or maybe they just look weird. Who knows but the dresser is lovely and will be lovelier with new pulls!

I do have good news - I got my old Singer out and did some sewing. My office is quite compact. I set up my sewing table so it's a combo between my freelance work and the fun stuff I like to do. My two trusty companions fit perfectly!

Sewing and purging are on the front burner (like everything else). I went through my fabric this weekend searching for anything that may work with my new couch. I actually had very little that intrigued me... Meaning I need to purge the fabric that no longer works and try to find some that will work with my new place. I definitely need colourful fabric since my couch is dark.

I also realized I have TONS of pillow forms! Too many... I'm going to sew pillow covers for some of my pillow deprived friends. Why not! There's only so many that I can actually use.

Here's the pillow cover I finished up this weekend - it used to be the whale pillow cover but now says 'birds of a feather'. This one is a gift for a friend who I hope likes it. They better!

Here's a set of pillow covers I created awhile ago...

I'm going to add a couple of pillows to the above set using the below fabric... Oddly enough most of the fabric I'm keeping is from Ikea although I grabbed most of mine from thrift stores.

I also sketched out an idea for another felt applique pillow cover like my 'ORANGE you GREAT' cover from awhile ago.

Here's my sketch in Illustrator...

Here's the final pillow cover...

Here's the next fruit themed pillow cover sketch - I'll be using an old wool blanket for the cover. Maybe I can make a series!


And then there was the dresser

Today I finally got to the Art Deco dresser update. I've been meaning to for awhile but then would get distracted by other projects and work among other things. This weekend, I put aside a few hours over 2 days for updating the dresser. Day 1 (today) was for sanding, priming and the initial painting. Day 2 (tomorrow) is for the final coat of paint, the shabby chic-ing and then adding the varathane... Day 2 will also include cleaning up the drawer pulls - you'll see what I mean later!

This weekend has been great for getting into the craft groove. It's definitely nice when you can take a breather from 'real' work and time away from your computer. And the real bonus is that once the dressr is done then I can actually get organized. My bedroom is a bit of a disaster - pillow forms everywhere, jam packed closet and stuff on the floor. Kind of embarrassing actually...



I love how the off-white paint brings out the details on this piece. It's going to look FAB once it's done! The dresser will fit in perfectly with the side table update and the magazine rack update.

After removing the drawer pulls, I soaked them in water and Windex... Super ick! I didn't realize they were that dirty! This is on par with finding dead critters and other mystery objects. Updating furniture is not for those with a weak stomach.

Tomorrow is going to be good - one more project out of my parents' carport and into my new home!