There is a method to the madness

I'm collecting, updating, purging and definitely getting a plan in place for when I move. What stays, goes and where I put 'stuff'.

I did a quick refresh on the mirror I bought this week. It was $15 and only took an hour in total to update... I took out the mirror then painted the frame an off-white. After the varathane dried, I reassembled it and it looks gorgeous - no more gold or dirt or muck.

I have a place in mind for the mirror and am thinking I may try to find another mirror to update. Maybe a larger one for the living room. We'll see.




Lately I've been collecting homeware pieces mainly from thrift shops - you can find some amazing items for cheap that either require no work or very little. Every so often there's a funky teak object or frame or candle holders. And I do manage to practice some restraint! There's only so much stuff you need or even want.

Other Projects On The Go

I've been using my big ole can of tung oil a lot lately too. Slowly but surely I'll use it up! I bought this wood tray for $3 then gave it a quick sand and added oil... The wood grain really comes out and looks FAB. This will sit perfectly on the teak coffee table I updated.



Project Update

All of my lamps have now been rewired. The last one was the metal floor lamp I bought at the Happy Cat Haven garage sale this summer. I kept the old harp and replaced the bulb holder, the wire and the plug.



Now I just need lamp shades! I've decided to head out to Richmond one day and hit the Ikea and the Lighting Warehouse for ideas... And hopefully find something fabulous!

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