That 'nesting' thang

Well it's happened... Maybe a month or two or even a year ago, I started 'nesting'. It began when I started going to thrift shops for furniture to refinish instead of to buy funky, vintage clothes. Or when I started collecting 'chakis' (aka knick knacks)... I just thought I was getting old but no I was 'nesting'. Yikes... It had to happen at some point and now there is no returning to the old ways.

I've started cherishing some of my furniture updates or craft adventures. I'm collecting 'things'. And I'm even thinking I should learn how to cook... Now that's crazy talk! I like my homemade hummus but the other stuff - NO WAY! And if I talk about gardening then you know I've gone over the edge because really, honestly I've killed plants over the years. It's pretty bad when you can kill a cactus!

So how do I realize this? I bought a magazine this week that got me really uber excited about making stuff, refinishing things... I bought that magazine 'the nest'. And thank god I did because my minor misadventure with the orange magazine rack has been redeemed (I use the word 'minor' loosely... I had a major meltdown about this project update). I have come to realize that darn magazine rack is one beautiful, necessary piece of furniture.

Orange is A-OK (as seen in the below page from the nest)...

I felt super defeated by that furniture update but I'm looking forward to moving into my new place in a week and taking that bright orange project with me and giving it a home.

And really chakis are ones of those necessary evils in life that make your house a home. So I'm getting more and having no indecision about it. I found a few pieces tonight at the Salvation Army that will be coming along with me to my new place.

One of the things I've decided to do is update all of the frames I've collected in the past few months. Like these teak frames I bought from the Salvation Army for $1/each awhile ago to add to my mini collection of teak items.


I sanded the frames then added teak oil - they look like new! Next I got some black and white prints of my parents from London Drugs for $0.40/each. Love 'em!


And now for the exciting news - I bought a big, honkin' can of tung oil and I have a date with the free dining room table this weekend. I've committed myself to completing the update on this piece in the next few days... In time for my move. Talk about pressure! But it's going to happen no matter what! :-)


  1. The pics (with snazzy teak frames) are great! Nicely done...

  2. Thanks Kris... Gotta love the teak! :-)