Slowly but surely things are happenin'

Things are getting crossed off my checklist...

☑ Hang mirrors
☑ Find a good home for the crazy orange magazine rack
☑ Find fabric for pillow covers

It's already been an industrious day... Worked on some freelance stuff, hung my mirrors (thanks to my handy dandy Dad!) and am now on my way out to paint things. It's been a perfect day so far!

Here are my recent mirror updates - I've found good locations for them!

I also think I've find the right spot for my magazine rack...

And then I started to go through my fabric remnants. I have enough of the floral fabric to make pillow covers for the wicker dining room chairs. I also might make a pillow cover out of the teeny bit of Ikea fabric I have (the black and white pattern with the yellow background)...

I also decided to redo my whale pillow cover. The whale wasn't too funsie so I'll use birds instead. Lots to do!

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