Really - I wasn't joking!

Here it is - the weekend's assembly line of projects... Kind of scary. I've taken over my parents' garage since they have the space and don't seem to mind... Yet.

This morning I painted for a bit then picked up the free dining room table. Here's a close up of the table. I have to put it back together at some point today or tomorrow. It just needs some sanding then I'll stain it... And then it'll be good to go!

I also took the plunge - I brought out my free can of burnt orange paint from the Gibsons Recycling Depot and then started on one of the magazine racks.

Yesterday I sanded then primed...

Then this morning at 7:30am (seriously I know it sounds weird but I wanted to get started before I picked up the dining room table) I added my teeny tiny bit of colour...

Later today I'll finish up the painting then maybe do a slight shabby chic (aka Knackify it... If you check out Knack's projects she's uber talented at taking dated furniture and funkifying it).

Project Update

The ugly, scary teak lamps are complete. Today we added the new harps and added the new shades... They went from scary to sophisticated!



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