Projects with beauty & purpose

The chalkboard is up and looking beautiful! And purposeful... I hung it beside my front door to help remind me to bring reusable bags as I head out into the world. If there was room, I'd also remind myself to bring my reusable cup but I'm getting better at that one! No day goes by without grabbing an extra jolt of caffeine so really it's a necessity of life for me.


Yesterday I grabbed some chalk from the loonie store by work - for $1.25 I got a box of 100 pieces. It'll take me a long time to use up the chalk but here it is in my new purchase - a funky metal/glass container I bought for $2.

And here are the chairs I sanded and oiled this weekend - they are perfect for my dining room table! Hopefully I can reupholster them this week. I'm jammed with freelance work so it may not happen until the weekend but we'll see!

I also bought this glass bowl yesterday for $5 - its perched on my ugly project update. Both thrift store purchases were found at the Treasure Cottage Thrift Store in North Vancouver. I'm not so sure this works but it's OK for now... Until I find something better! I'll use it for keys, etc. but at least it's not super ugly anymore.

Am I fooling myself or really does it look OK?


  1. The glass bowl is fabulous! Those chairs are SO awesome - I wish I could hit that store.

  2. Thanks Jen! I love the chairs too... I just need to reupholster them... But I'm swamped with sewing projects! :-)