Now we need a party!

My free table has been sanded and oiled - it's a thing of absolute beauty! Friday afternoon I sanded then literally poured tung oil onto it. The glitters, crayon marks and candle remnants are gone... I now have an absolutely gorgeous dining room table ready for anything!

Here it is:


I'll post better photos once I move next weekend and get settled. I really love this table - it's a definite keeper!

Once my table was complete, I dragged out this update from way back and added tung oil to it. I do have one big honking can of tung oil so might as well use it!

I also sanded, primed and painted my dresser from months ago. Tomorrow I'll finish adding a layer of varathane then it's done! New drawer pulls really make a difference.



Next weekend is my move - anyone looking for something to do on a sunny, warm Sunday in August?! ;-P

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