A new adventure begins...

It's official... I've moved out of Gibsons into North Vancouver! This past Sunday/Monday I moved. Sunday was all the 'crap' (aka projects) I had stored at my parents and then Monday was clearing out my storage space in Gibsons. Both were brutal since the weather was super hot - nothing says insanity like moving your bed et al in 30°C temperature!

Slowly but surely I'm emptying boxes and setting up my new space. My dining room table looks uber fabulous! And I like my mish mash of chairs that I've collected to go with it. The dining room table plus chairs cost under $40 - the dining room table was free, the wicker dining chairs were $30, the plain wood chair was $2 and my updated chair from the dump was about $6.

I had my friend Asim over for a bit to help unpack stuff - he dropped by after all of the heavy stuff was unloaded. Talk about convenient!

We ended up having the great dining room chair debate... Apparently I should buy a set of four matching chairs and not use my mish mash. I honestly couldn't believe I was having this conversation with a guy! And well he was wrong... I love having an eclectic mix of modern stuff, expensive stuff (OK I don't really have any of that other than a few pieces of Waterford from my Mom) and then my dump updates/thrift store finds.

Once I finish unpacking and getting organized, my handy dandy Singer is coming out (it's been neglected big time!) because I want to get some funky, colourful pillow covers sewn for my new couch. The couch is the only thing I ended up buying new (it was 50% off the original price of $600 at a place called Moe's in North Vancouver) and it's perfect for my new space!

I've already started to put pillows aside for the couch. This weekend I'll go through my piles and piles AND piles of fabric so I can get a plan in place.

Man sad to say but I'm looking forward to sewing again! :-)

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